What to expect In auto Shipping


Know what to expect

The pictures on this page offer examples of open transport (above) and some issues you might expect with open transport (center) . The ( bottom) picture is of an enclosed transport providing the protection of a garage. Clark Logistics LLC wants to provide you with a honest reliable service and we want to Broker you’re next auto transport move give a call email or fill out the online quote, we look forward to working for you. 


We pride our business on being honest !

We never over promise  and  underdeliver  . 

However sometimes things happen beyond our control from weather ,to accidents  to break downs.

At Autotransports Broker service we will do what it takes to ensure you are provided the best service possible.

Enclosed Auto transport trailer.

Clark Logistics is full service auto transport Broker

We will strive to ensure your vehicle arrives within the window of delivery you requested in the condition you expect   Delivered with the experience you can trust. From open transport to enclosed , from around the corner  to across the country rest assured with your next Automotive transport need. Clark Logistics is here to provide you with service you deserve.